19 vessels arrive Nigeria with PMS, food


A total of 19  vessels have berthed at the Lagos Port Complex with Petrol, Bulk Wheat, Bulk Salt and other items according to the latest report from the Nigerian Ports Authority Shipping Position.

Further analysis of the report shows that on June 4, two vessels, Top Confidence and 04/06/20 Silver Copenhagen arrived the Lagos port bearing fish and general cargo.

On June 7, two vessels, Bulk Spirit and BW Jaguar berthed at the port with bulk wheat and PMS.

On June 8, another vessel, New Hunter berthed with bulk fertilizer, while two vessels, Westminster Voyager arrived on June 9 with bulk oil and general cargo.

Also on the same day a vessel, Eleni M sailed in with crude salt.

On June 10, Verrazane arrived the port laden with bulk gas while Green Brazil arrived bearing fresh fish.

Tong Da also arrived on June 11 with fresh fish while Desert Dignity and Elong Elong sailed in on June 30 and 31 with fresh fish.

Other vessels arrived bearing gas, PMS, food and general cargo.

Among the vessels expected at the port, according to the report are, Tiger Pioneer, Genco Provence MSC Grace, Navigator Capricorn, Super Emma, Sahara Gas, Desert Unity, Camden.

They will all arrive with bulk wheat, gas, bulk sugar and general cargo, according to the report.

Among the vessels at berth at the Lagos ports are; Equinox Dawn, CMA CGM, Lapis Nova, Zeelandia, Yangtze Falcon, RHL Conscientia and Zim Kingston.

Others are; Maersk Cardiff, Maersk Cadiz, Maersk Cape Town, Safmarine ChambaL, Safmarine Chachai, Maersk Cabo Verde, Maersk Cameroun, Wiking, Kota Lumayan, Kota Sabas, Kota Gadang.

All of them carry mostly general cargo and fish.


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