outrage as married man spends N500,000 on social media influencer, neglects son’s N80,000 school fees


Nigerians have reacted to a post by a married woman who alleged that an unamed social media influencer collected a total of N500,000 from her husband who could not cough up N80,000 to pay for his son’s school fees.

The woman’s tweet published by postsubman had the name of the said influencer hidden and this has enraged social media followers.

Most of them took to twitter to ask why the poster hid the name of the accused social media influencer when so many people needed to know her in order to be on their guard or call her out for making a married man neglect his family.

Some said the influencer used “special package” another name for voodoo to trap the man.

The woman’s tweet read;

Check out the replies:

Valar Mørghulis respended;

Please reveal the @ so we can officially drag the idiot.

Omezuo 1

They’ve used SPECIAL PACKAGE OIL to tie your husband o


My own is that why did you sensor the Influencer’s name? The woman that put the name there don’t know what she was doing abi?

No dey do pass hour self ohh


Don’t give us the gist if you won’t give us the @, no body has the strength to be solving unnecessary puzzles…

See show us the @ joor the woman gave you the persons handle severally not for you to cover it but expose her for what she is.she said keep her( that’s the wife) anon but not the so called influencer



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