By Oluwabunmi Ogunjimi

THE Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, has said that any shipping companies without a holding bay to store empty containers will henceforth not have its license renewed.

Speaking in Lagos, Managing Director of the NPA, Ms Hadiza Bala Usman said that the agency had sanctioned shipping companies for non-availability of empty container holding  bays 2019 adding that it was mauling more severe sanction for erring firms that will comply with its directive.

Usman said that NPA has given shipping companies modalities as they are required to evacuate certain number of empty containers from their terminals on a monthly basis.

Bala Usman also disclosed that some shipping firms renewal application have been turned down on the basis of non-availability of holding bays.


She said: “We have given a modality   in which every shipping company are required to take out equivalent number of containers  every month that they bring in and non-compliance to that is supposed  to lead to a sanction. We have actually refused to renew licenses of shipping company due to non -provision of empty container holding bays. So within the period there has not been tracking/monitoring I think that is the problem.

“I have noted this down, am going to call the Marine and Operations division of the Authority to confirm the status. We actually refused  to renew licence to shipping companies they have to give evidence empty container holding bays  that is commensurate  to the vessels they bring in.

“I encourage stake holders to write directly to us to the extent that you identify issues affecting this procedure      and I will also push that in our system to ensure there is adequate monitoring

“I will get our team to get back on it  by next week so that we can ensure that the shipping companies adhere to what was agreed.”


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