We’re almost eating ourselves under Buhari, Nigerians groan


By Anna Oboho

Nigerians across the country have rained curses on Buhari, describing him as the worst president the country has ever produced.

This is even as 80 per cent of the population wallow in hunger, poverty, and escalating unemployment.

Currently prices of basic food items have gone out of the reach of the common man.

The National Bureau of Statistics reported that the price of food items had risen by 27 per cent since February 2021.

For instance, a 50kg bag of beans sells for N40,000 and N50,000 in some places.

Beans, which sold for N5000 a few years ago is widely known as food for the common man and has always been an alternative for rice which at one point had gone as high as N30,000 per 50kg bag.

The man Buhari is a cursed president and Nigeria is suffering because he is in power, an operator in the maritime industry, Chief Osita Okoli told our correspondent.

“Even gas now is too expensive, the price rose from N2000 to N8,000 per 6kg. Nigerians are now almost eating themselves under the administration of Buhari.”

Okoli continued that it was now common to hear that a father had attempted to sell his child  to buy food.

“It is a terrible time in our country, Austin Kuti,” a trader said.

“Three of my children are now at home because I cannot afford to pay their school fees for the term.

“I lost my job last year, since then I have not been able to find another one and that was why I started selling food items.

“But I regret even going into the business because we eat both the capital the profit that would have come from the business.

“Now they are all at home, we struggle to even eat one square meal every day.”

Nigerians have blamed the current deprivation and hunger on the increasing insecurity rate in the country.

In a stakeholders meeting recently the Director General of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria, Mr Farouk Salim, blamed the banditry on unemployment and lack of education.

He reasoned that if the bandits were gainfully employed, they would not embark on killing and kidnapping for ransom.

Okoli stated that the administration of former president Goodluck Jonathan did better in tackling insecurity as the terrorism was brought under near control at a point.

He said, “But I think this Buhari administration enables terrorism by pampering terrorists and frustrating every effort to punish the terrorists.

“He is creating a lot of injustice that is the platform for insecurity because he pampers terrorists and haunts those who are fighting for their people to be free from terrorists.

“He has been freeing  all the terrorists that were locked by Jonathan and spending our tax money on so called rehabilitation of repentant Boko Haram members. “




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