NCDC receives knocks for mistakenly adding 7 cases to Jigawa COVID-19 report


The Nigeria Center for Disease Control has been called out by Nigerians on social media after claiming that it mistakenly reported seven new cases in Jigawa State on Sunday.

On Monday morning, the NCDC took to its Twitter handle @NCDCgov to say, “Yesterday, we erroneously reported 7 new cases in Jigawa.

“Following further review, we can confirm that these were repeat tests for previously confirmed cases.

“We apologise for this error and remain committed to ensuring transparent and accurate reporting of test results.”

Responding, a Nigerian with the twitter handle @HadiCityprof wrote, “Una never tire 4 this business.  Una don make too much money from our savings already na.  

“Abg make una open school 4 us, una go fit continue una business weary.”


Also, a user with the twitter handle, @Alfredprecious, replied, “Ona no dey talk true.”

Another comment from the handle, @hurgusthine, read, “Give us real results not this shit.”

According to the latest NCDC statistics, Nigeria currently has 12,486 cases with Lagos topping the chart of total infection with 5767 cases.